2016 Moms’ Retreat theme:

If Ye are Prepared Ye Shall Not Fear

D&C 38:30

2016 Logo (1)

August 5-6, 2016

Featuring Lois Smart

Lois Smart

Lois Smart became a child advocate as a result of the abduction and miraculous return of her daughter Elizabeth from their Utah home.  Lois and Ed have worked on many children’s issues fighting for those children that can’t help themselves.  They will be eternally grateful for the miracle that they witnessed in having Their daughter Elizabeth returned to them and the many people who helped in that effort.


Breakout Session Speakers

Katie Hanson
Audrey Rindlisbacher
Brenda Haws
Kim Davis

Cabin Mothers

Cabin A1:
Emily Clawson and Kaisie Alba

Cabin A2:
Katie Hansen and Shauna Kaiserman

Cabin A3:
Mary Ann Johnson and Jodie Palmer

Cabin B4:
Deborah Raymond and Kathleen Miller

Cabin B5:
Roslyn Geertsen and Erin Mwanje

Cabin B6:
Michelle Kelly and Debbie Rinquest

Cabin C7:
Audrey Rindlisbacher and Stephanie Whiting

Cabin C8:
Brenda Haws and Ali Eisenach

Cabin C9:
Becky Edwards and Heather Poll

Board Members

Melanie Ballard, Founder and Director
Tammi Michaelis, Director
Kelli Poll, Director
Andrea Ellis
Annette Jones
Brandi Palmer
Catherine Scott
Corine Hart
Jacquie Ostler
Jenny Curtis
Katelynn Michaelis
Kim Davis
Linda Robbins
Sara Jentzsch

2016 Inspiration Opportunities

In the weeks leading up to the Moms’ Retreat, we explored and wrote about the 2016 theme:

If ye are prepared ye shall not fear

Each week there was a journal entry or “Inspiration Opportunity” question to write about. These inspiration opportunities were for you–you did not turn them in, and no one else read them. They were suggestions, a starting point for you to receive your own personal inspiration for your life, questions and challenges. The following list includes the questions you were encouraged to write on.

Week 1: June 1st

How strong is my faith?

How does my level of faith affect my level of preparation and my level of fear?

Week 2: June 5th

How do I live in faith (instead of fear)?

Week 3: June 12th

How obedient am I?

How does my level of obedience affect my level of preparation and my level of fear?

Week 4: June 19th

How can I be more obedient?

What has God told me to do that I have not done yet? Why haven’t I done it?

Week 5: June 26th

How strong is my companionship with the Holy Ghost?

How does my level of companionship with the Holy Ghost affect my level of preparation and my level of fear?

Week 6: July 3rd

How can I improve my companionship with the Holy Ghost?

Week 7: July 10th

How have times of pain and difficulty in your own life helped prepare you for times to come?

What is Heavenly Father’s purpose in difficult times or suffering, (especially when they are not a result of my poor decisions)?

Week 8: July 17th

Am I willing to let the Lord refine me into what He wants/needs me to be?

How do I resist or accept refinement?

Week 9: July 24th

Where does my security lie? (Is my security in: money, food, ease, absence of pain, family, or God, etc?)

Week 10: July 31st

How is being in the center of God’s will the only place of security?

“There are no places that are safer than other places, the only safety is in the center of God’s will.” Betsie ten Boom