Date: August 24th & 25th 2012

2012 Theme–



Receiving Revelation

Illumination for the Soul


“The most basic assumption of Leadership Education is that

you are the expert on your own home and the education of your children…

Leadership Education requires us to pay the price to receive inspiration

in order to personalize whatever is needed to help each student get the ideal education for them.”

 The TJEd Conveyor Belt, Rachel DeMille



The music to this video, A Living Prayer was sung by our wonderful women: Kate Day, Corine Hart, & Melody Gardner accompanied by Brody & Corine Hart.  Photographs by Lizz Davis.


Scott and Cheri Loveless


Roslyn Reynolds


Nicholeen Peck


Tammi Michaelis


Kelli Poll


Melanie Ballard


Cabin Mothers:

Angie Baker & Kaisie Alba
Heather Poll & Celestia Shumway
Nicholeen Peck & BJ Stober
Noreen Gibbons & Jennifer Hoffman
Audrey Rindlisbaucher & Mindy Heath
Grace Payne & Rebecca Akester & Jennifer Knold (sisters)
Mary Ann Johnson & Grace Edwards
Shauna Bird Dunn & LaRane Miller
Diann Jeppson & Janette Wagner



I Feel My Savior’s Love, by Anne-Marie Hildebrant and adapted by Corine Hart. Sung by Corine Hart and Melodie Gardner (sisters), accompanied by Kate Day.

Communion, by Kate Day, sung by Kate & Adam Day, accompanied by Kate Day.

A Living Prayer,  by Ron Block and arranged by Kate Day.  Sung by Corine Hart, Melodie Gardner, and Kate Day, accompanied by Brody Corine Hart.



Linda Robbins–Secretary, Kelli Poll, Melanie Ballard, Tammi Michaelis,


Kristen Larsen, Annette Jones, Brandi Palmer, Kim Davis, Kelli Poll, Melanie Ballard, Tammi Michaelis
Linda Robbins, Carolyn Terry, Jenny Curtis, Jacquie Ostler, Kate Day,