We are posting our 2011 year’s theme for those who want to remember the experience and for those who want to get to know our event better.

2011 Theme–

I have commanded you to bring up your children

in light and truth;

therefore, first set in order thy house.

(D&C 93:40, 44) 

You are the house.




2011 Theme




Directors: Melanie Ballard, Coni Sue Cutler, Wendi Jackson

Board: Becci Williamson, Carolyn Terry, Coni Sue Cutler, Denise Yeager, Jenny Curtis, Kaisie Alba, Katie Hansen, Linda Robbins, Makenzi Jennings, Sara Howell, Tammi Michaelis


Speakers: Melanie Ballard, Nicholeen Peck, Shelly Locke

Discussion Leaders: Aneladee Milne, Angie Baker, Audrey Rindlisbacher, Diann Jeppson, Kathy Mellor, Kelli Poll, Jodie Palmer,



He Is Order, sung by Shelley Colton

Make It Beautiful, sung by Kate Day and Makenzie Jennings (sisters), written by Jill Swigert (their mom) and arranged by Kate Day

More Savior Like Thee, performed by Kate Day and Diann Jeppson, arranged by Kate Day

If you Could Hie to Kolob, performed by Brody and Corine Hart, arranged by Brody Hart