What was the Moms' Retreat?

After 12 wonderful years, the Moms' Retreat is complete. Our purpose was to provide an environment for mothers to receive personal revelation on their God-given mission. The Moms' Retreat was a non-profit overnight, mountain retreat created to educate and support LDS, homeschooling mothers. Please explore this website to familiarize yourself with the history of this incredible event.

Environment to Inspire

Our purpose was to provide an environment for mothers to receive personal revelation on their God-given mission.

Support & Educate

The Moms’ Retreat was a non-profit overnight, mountain retreat created to educate and support LDS, homeschooling mothers.

Nourish Body & Spirit

At the Moms' Retreat we strove to provide nutritious food and an environment for a spiritual experience.

What is next now that the Moms' Retreat is over?

We are now at the close of the Moms’ Retreat season. The number twelve symbolizes completion, and the Moms’ Retreat has fulfilled the measure of its creation. We are transitioning the love and energy we put into the Moms’ Retreat into a new homeschooling lecture series and supporting the Homeschool Tribe

Lecture Series
What is next now that the Moms' Retreat is over?
Homeschool Audience

Homeschool Audience

The Moms’ Retreat catered to LDS, homeschooling mothers. For our last year, we especially catered that year's experience to planning, pondering and receiving revelation on the school year. We helped provide attendees with a beautiful education blueprint catered to their family's specific needs. Every year we hosted many women who were not homeschooling. We still welcomed these women and hopefully helped them gain what they needed from their experience to strengthen their family. We were very happy to have them come as well!

LDS Foundation

We catered our event for members of *The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS). Just as we welcomed mothers who were not homeschoolers, we welcome mothers who are not LDS; however all needed to understand that the LDS doctrines were the basis of our content.

The strength of each of our personal convictions was what made the Moms' Retreat powerful. We encouraged the speakers and participants to express their beliefs openly and passionately. We acknowledged each attendee’s right to accept or reject lectures, presentations, or other attendee's comments on the basis of their own ability to identify and receive truth.

*This retreat was not sanctioned or endorsed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

LDS Foundation


  • The Moms’ Retreat truly does create an environment for women to receive inspiration on their God-given missions.  The greatest care is taken to provide this environment, and it shows from the very first journal entry opportunity, months before the retreat even happens.  From the moment I arrived at the retreat, I felt loved and nurtured.  It is truly a gift from Heavenly Father to be in a beautiful atmosphere with so many beautiful women who are striving to live close to the Spirit.

    Rachel G, Midvale, UT
  • The Music! Oh the music!  It is just one of the wonderful environments at the Moms’ Retreat.  It has lifted and inspired me at the retreat and afterwards in my home.  Attending Moms’ Retreat and listening to the beautifully selected music has added greatly to my understanding of how I need music.  I have lacked it in my years of winter season, and being able to bask in it at the beginning of each year in October, has enhanced my whole year.  In 2011, a violinist played, and as I sat there, I found my head lifting and myself looking up.  By the end of the song, I was gazing to the top of the lodge.  When the speaker started, she wanted us to know she knew angels had entered and were accompanying us.  I knew that was true. I had felt that lifting power.  Thank you Melanie for providing this wonderful environment which has lifted my soul!

    Katie H, Bountiful, UT
  • Moms’ Retreat has become a basic tool in my arsenal for personal growth and family culture.  There are several reasons I would never miss a Moms’ Retreat.  First, and of greatest import, is the environment that is crafted to help me clear my head of competing voices and let my Father in Heaven share His plans for me and my family.  Second, I revel in the chance to see the faces and connect with the spirits of women who, like me, have dedicated their lives to strengthening home and nation under the direction of the Lord.  Finally, when I return home, I have not only a renewed sense of purpose, but also a specific list of action items tailored to my family and the courage to implement it.  Moms’ Retreat is a time specifically set aside for me to council privately with the Lord and partake of the combined wisdom of the women who will change the world.

    Jenny C, SLC, UT
  • I have been blessed to attend Moms’ Retreat for the past three years. The first year I attended I had an amazingly powerful experience. I received very direct and personal instruction coupled with peace and assurance for what I was facing in my life at that time. The weekend was transformational for me and for my relationships. I approached my second year at Moms’ Retreat with some trepidation – I was concerned that it could not be nearly as good nor as transformational, BUT IT WAS. It was an entirely different experience, one of joy and celebration, but it was again exactly what I needed at that point in my life. My third year at Moms’ Retreat was again a unique life-impacting experience, this time very deep and abiding. Each year, I leave Moms’ Retreat with my cup overflowing. Melanie and the Moms’ Retreat Board really do create an awesome environment where they bring together incredible women and provide a phenomenal experience.

    Diana G, Ralston, WY
  • I’ve attended the Moms’ Retreat three times and each year I am overwhelmed by the spirit that is present. As I’ve prepared for the retreat by completing my reading and writing assignments, I’ve found that I’ve been more open to receiving guidance and direction for my personal mission. The women that attend have all gone through the same preparation so we lift and encourage one another in a way I’ve never experienced anywhere else. Melanie and her board are truly inspired to share the information that we need to hear. It is absolutely a highlight of my year and I come away from the retreat a better wife, mother, and daughter of God.

    Emily C, Taylorsville, UT
  • Heber Valley Camp was a lovely setting for the 2012 Moms’ Retreat.  I found the organizers to have been thorough in their preparations, and attentive to everyone.  They didn’t forget the minutest of details. My cabin mother was also attentive and took time to get to know me.  She looked after us.  I enjoyed the music that accompanied each session of lectures, it set the tone beautifully.  I understand the musical selections were original compositions, arranged especially for this retreat.  The food was excellent and healthy.  The opportunities to commune with my maker were abundant, and  I appreciated the provision for free time, to go off on my own when I felt the need.   The journal entries were integral to making it a meaningful experience.  All around, it was a beautiful and rejuvenating retreat for me.

    Rebecca S, SLC, UT
  • Bringing hundreds of women together who have all studied, prayed, internalized and written extensively about the same topic is like a focused spiritual fire-hose ready to lift and enlighten the whole group to a higher sphere of learning and mental awareness.  I’ve never experienced anything quite like it anywhere else.  The 12 week preparation period in itself is an exercise in discovery and improvement.  Then to attend the retreat is a refining moment to solidify the commitment to make those needed changes to transform oneself to a higher state of being.  The interactions with like-minded women seeking sincere enlightenment and elevated living was electrifyingly inspiring.  I’m hooked!

    Karmel L, Cedar Hills, UT
  • I wouldn’t miss the Moms’ Retreat. I learn so much every year and come away a better wife, a better mother, a better person. I love how the board pays attention to every little detail to make it not only comfortable, but beautiful and inspiring. This year, especially, I felt so much love and nurturing. I came home so full of love and compassion for my family and others around me. I have been able to see others in a different light and feel a desire to help and serve in a way I haven’t felt in a long time.

    Rachelle C, West Jordan, UT
  • The Moms’ Retreat is the highlight of my summer! To have a positive and uplifting experience with many great women who truly care about everyone as sisters. To be able to speak together, sing together, and to share our experiences and learn and grow stronger with one another. It helps so much to keep moving forward when things are challenging at home and with my family. I now know I am not alone. I don’t have to stand as an island in this crazy social sea. I know there are other good women, searching and hoping for the same values and help that I am, and we can be strong together.

    Sara J, Taylorsville, UT
  • The Moms’ Retreat truly changed my life. In preparing for the retreat, we were asked to write weekly journal entries focused on the topic, and as I studied and wrote, I felt myself becoming closer to God and desiring more and more to fulfill His will in my life, above my own will. It has been a sweet transformation, and the new friendships I formed at the retreat will help me stay on course as I strive to live according to the new knowledge and revelation I’ve been receiving.  Melanie Ballard and the sisters who provided this experience were truly inspired, and I will be forever grateful I attended this year.

    Roslyn R, Woods Cross, UT

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